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Construction Services

Whether you need some simple handy-man services to help with a leaky toilet, install a new back-splash to refresh a tired kitchen or new flooring for a tired rental property, our team is here to help.

Construction Services:

At Think Pink! we became frustrated with our rental properties whenever we had to sub-contract out a repair or renovation job because it felt like most people just did not care as much as we did about our properties. And it’s true, they didn’t. We were rarely satisfied with the value of sub-contracting out jobs we felt we could do better ourselves. We heard this sentiment be echoed amongst many landlords who felt they could not get quality work done. As a result, our construction services division was born.

We offer services from handy-man tasks to more in-depth renovations. We can help you decide which products, and what renovations can provide the best return for your money.

See our gallery of projects that we have worked on in the past…